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Sound Design

Everyone that commits themselves to a goal, or anything important, must at some point decide whether its pursuit will be done in either partial or full measure, with both feet in; focused, dedicated. I was committing for years before I fully realized what I was actually preparing myself to create. With every show that I have played, or long night I have dedicated to session work or film scoring, I was honing my skills for what is certainly my most personal and ambitious material yet.

So now, with the help of some truly talented musicians, artists and loved ones, I offer my first serious solo endeavor as an artist. This album—a combination of electronic and alternative rock—contorts and morphs musical conventions into something engaging and unforgettable. I urge you to listen. Know that it only exists due to years of hard work, careful planning, some happy accidents, and amidst staggering doubt and financial uncertainty. It is my belief that the most endearing music comes out of adversity.

The album will be available for purchase through this website when it is finished. The release date has not been decided yet so check back often for an update.

Guitar Lessons


Finished a great studio guitar session for singer/songwriter, Brittany Marley. Recorded in Roy Roberts personal recording studio. If you don't know, he was a session guitarist for Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding... What an honor.


In the studio doing a session for music producer, Demetrius Ledbetter. Great person to work with! Recorded at Midnight Recording Studio again. Excited to hear how the finished product turns out!

Recent Projects


The New Album

Official website of Songwriter, Producer, Performer, Sound Designer, Studio Session Guitarist, Instructor, and visual artist, Eric Moran.

Private Guitar and Recording Lessons for beginner, intermediate & advanced students.


Just got my Marshall amp back from Tone Technologies. Big thanks to Philip Poteat for all of the great repairs/maintenance. Check out his new line of guitar effect pedals!!! Very cool!

Visit tonetechnologies.net.

Audio/music creation & editing for:

Film, Video Games, Commercials, Voice Overs, Songs, Etc.